Corporate Culinary Collaboration

When you're searching for the right environment to foster team building and communication, culinary challenges are an exceptional, easily accessible way to foster collaboration and community.

Food is a Universal language - people often bond over food, whether enjoying a meal together or cooking together. Corporate Culinary Collaboration offers a non-fear based team building experience, and differs from ropes and obstacle courses.

We use our culinary expertise to guide groups through fun, challenging and creative experiences, and through this experiential learning your teams will experience improved communication and collaboration skills, increases in revenue, common bonding.

Chef Traci is the executive chef and owner of Succulent Catering. In her prior life (before cooking) she was a coach for an experiential learning firm in California. She has worked with a variety of corporate and government groups, in and out of the kitchen, building camaraderie. From 50 state senators from four different caucuses to large groups from a local software company to small businesses, she has guided them in the kitchen as they worked through culinary challenges modeled after Food Network's Top Chef and Chopped programs.

Each program is customized to your group and your team building goals. Events may begin with a cocktail reception, or early morning breakfast, and roll into the team building exercises. Post team building, groups may enjoy a casual or elegant meal together prepared by Succulent Catering. We specialize in customizing each event, and offer unique gift bags and personalized aprons as options. In addition, we have recreated mini-Pike Place Market experiences for after hours events.

To design your custom culinary team building event, please email Traci at or call at 206-829-9525.