Chef Traci

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Chef Traci is a local chef. She started Seductive Specialty Foods Inc. in 2011 after a career as a personal chef. She expanded the gourmet food line to six products and are available for purchase at her on-line store. Succulent Catering was created to serve a wider variety of people her philosophy is about creating an incredible experience that nurtures and delights.

Chef Traci is a Graduate of the Culinary Business Academy and earned a B.S. degree from San Jose State University. She is a Premier Member of the U.S. Personal Chef Association. She's also inspired by her recent culinary tour through romantic Italy.


Chef Karen

Karen is the sous-chef at Succulent Catering. Karen is a graduate of the Seattle Culinary Academy and has worked at many of Seattle's best restaurants, including The Corson Building, Lark, The London Plane and Harvest Vine. After a stint at Hitchcock in Georgetown, specializing in craft production, using local, ethically raised food, Karen was a chef instructor at Farestart in their catering department. She also hosts special events at her family's farm in Olympia, Washington.






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